Friday, April 28, 2017

How you can help too:-)

Dear friends,

Today I write with a request for you to consider making a contribution towards our cause: Operation Refugee.

Our vision for Operation Refugee is to extract refugees from the camps, enable them to do the Discipleship Training School (DTS) through YWAM which will in turn bring them emotional and spiritual healing and equip them to have a future in the ministry if they wish to do so. They can also choose to further their studies through the University of the Nations (where they can do one of seven degrees) or at the Nasor College in Ottosdal (N-level short courses) who have agreed to give a 50% discount to the refugees who apply.

They will also have the opportunity to go back to Lilongwe where they will be assisted in having their own small business, empowering them to make a life for themselves.

We go on regular outreaches to the refugee camp and through doing revival meetings, we connect with various churches and pastors. We then open the applications for refugees to join the DTS. In the short time we have spent at the Dzaleka camp, we have received over 50 applications already!

We have the resources to educate and mobilize these people who have unquestionable potential to become great, however, they need sponsors!

For 700 USD (R10,000) one refugee can leave the refugee camp and do the DTS (a five month training program). This amount will cover their food, accommodation, travel expenses and also their visas and passports as well as pay for the DTS program in full.

We have already had three young men do the DTS through sponsorship and they are all on their way to serving in the ministry in Malawi, Congo and South Africa.

As I have mentioned in my blog - these people are people with great potential and ambition - but they are stuck in what seems to be a human dustbin. With funding we can mobilize these people to have a future, and to let Africa heal itself by sending these people back into Africa once they are able to assist in healing and growth.

You can either donate a once-off amount or make a pledge to make a monthly contribution towards Operation Refugee. Every little bit helps a lot!

If you would like to see our full presentation then please email me and I will send it to you. Here are all of our details:

Facebook page: Operation Refugee - YWAM Potch

Banking details: 

South Africa:
Banking details:
Operation Refugee Africa NPC,
FNB, cheque acc
Acc nr: 62626450720
Branch code: 240438
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