Friday, April 7, 2017


We serve a most amazing God! 

Last year May was a great turning point in my life as I finally surrendered myself to God - for real this time;-) I have been "saved" since I was 10 years old but being honest - I had never been truly willing to give Him my LIFE... 

I always wanted  to serve Jesus and I always intended to, but when it came to the things of the flesh, I blindly kept choosing myself above my King. 

As it turned out, He had a bigger plan and after making some seriously bad decisions I found myself - yet again - on my knees on my bedroom floor last May. 

I cried out for help and for the first time I was really ready to sacrifice everything for God. I was given some instructions on a few things I had to change in my life and as hard as it was, I followed them. 

Then slowly.... things began to change! At the age of 35 God could finally lead my down the path which He had planned for me (possibly) ages ago!

Somewhere near the end of last year I took myself and my little girl to therapy. The therapist did the usual play therapy as well as horse therapy with my daughter and she offered to do something different with me - this therapy is called TPM (Transformation Prayer Ministry).

I found this form of "counseling" to have the most astonishing results and knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do for other people as well. My therapist gave me the details of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Potchefstroom who offer this TPM as a ten week course. I was beyond excited!

Long story short, the YWAM team agreed to come to Klerksdorp to host a training course and I managed to gather about 10 people. During the course of getting to know more about YWAM and what they do I was immediately drawn to their outreach programs. And when they mentioned one day that they plan to go to a refugee camp in Malawi, I jumped at the opportunity. 

In the mean time, God had been speaking to me about something else as well. I have danced my entire life - you name it, I've danced it - and in the past two years I have been doing belly dancing as well as cabaret dancing. About three months ago, while I was driving and listening to my worship music, I suddenly had this vision of doing a dance to this particular song. I excitedly shared the song with my dance trainer and told her about my vision and she said that the previous night she had had the EXACT SAME VISION with the EXACT SAME SONG!!! (How awesome is God?!)

About two weeks afterwards I was driving and another worship song played when I got another vision of doing a dance to that song. Slightly frustrated I asked the Lord - "How Father? When? How can I do these dances when my life is already so busy?" 

The answer came very clearly: "Start a class!" 

Well I was beyond excited! The rest of that day I was flooded with ideas and visions and Father God even gave me the idea to take this worship dancing to the refugee outreach! 

Once our yearly showcase was done and dusted, I sat down with my trainer and we agreed that I could begin a worship class one night a week for whomever was interested! Praise the Lord! 

And so - in short - the Lord has been so good and so faithful and it's been the most adventurous and exciting journey to follow His voice and calling. But I need to stress this one thing - it took OBEDIENCE before my purpose started to manifest. And ever since I have started to make a daily decision to stay obedient, He is leading my path according to His purpose and I have never been happier!